Wired vs Wireless Portable Brake Controllers

Both wired and wireless brake controllers are great options for those who want to tow safely without the commitment of hardwiring a unit to a specific tow vehicle.

Here are a few points that may aid your purcahsing decisions when weighing up the pros and cons of wired vs wireless portable systems

  1. You can change between both VEHICLE and TRAILER in less than 5 minutes (wireless systems are hardwired to the trailer)

  2. Wired connections are much more stable (obviously), the current Bluetooth Technology is not fit for use in safety features and may drop out at any point in time which could render your braking system useless.

  3. Wired Systems are manufactured with simplicity in mind. The more moving parts and complexity you have with technology, the more can go wrong. (think iPhone vs Android)

  4. Wired systems have the flexibility of changing controllers in the case a new product is introduced to the market. (our Detachable Portable Units offer this flexibility)

Brake Controllers are an essential part of towing, they are a safety feature and finding the right one is important for your needs. Feel free to contact us and we can help you in finding the right brake controller for your needs.

Check out our range of portable systems here or our NEW Portable Braking System here


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