What are Electric Brake Controllers

Electric Brake Controllers: Enhancing Trailer Safety and Control

The prevailing type of trailer brakes, widely employed, are those operated electrically, regulated by an Electric Brake Controller.

In Australia, trailers exceeding 750kg in weight are mandated to possess operational brakes. These brakes are categorized into two types: mechanical and electrical. Mechanical brakes engage through a compression system synchronized with the vehicle's braking action. In contrast, electric brakes rely on an in-vehicle controller to activate the trailer's brakes in tandem with the vehicle. Presently, electric brake controllers stand as the predominant choice for caravans and camper trailers.

Safety Considerations

For those who have maneuvered substantial trailers, the necessity of brakes integrated into the trailer becomes evident. Simply put, the vehicle's native brakes lack the reliability and promptness required to halt a moving combination efficiently. Picture a 3-ton 4WD hauling a 2-ton trailer; the additional force demands effective slowing down, a task beyond the capacity of the vehicle's factory brakes.

Especially when confronted with steep inclines or traffic conditions, supplementary braking power becomes imperative. With a proper setup, the potential exists to achieve almost the same braking response time as if no trailer were attached. Electric trailer brakes also equitably distribute the braking load, maintaining balanced and proportional deceleration to ensure the trailer remains consistently and predictably behind the towing vehicle.

Unveiling Electric Brake Controllers

When embarking on the journey of towing a caravan for the first time, safety emerges as paramount. In this regard, electric brake controllers are indispensable. An electric brake controller, integrated into the vehicle, activates the caravan's brakes concurrently with the towing vehicle's brake application.

Towing a caravan or trailer augments the overall weight, heightening the risk of hazardous deceleration or halting under certain circumstances. Electric brake controllers eliminate the potential hazard of the trailer colliding with the towing vehicle or swaying uncontrollably. By initiating the caravan's brakes in unison with the towing vehicle's braking action, electric brake controllers avert such scenarios.

Operational Mechanism of Electric Brake Controllers

The electric brake controller gauges the requisite pressure to facilitate a gradual stop or complete halt of the caravan. In the event of sudden and forceful braking on the towing vehicle, the brake controller triggers an equally forceful engagement of the caravan's brakes. In essence, investing in a brake controller represents a relatively minor expense that significantly enhances the safety of you and your loved ones during caravan towing. The goal is to relish your journey with a caravan that smoothly trails behind without any jolting, jarring, or swaying.

Certain trailers integrate brakes within their hitches, wherein the deceleration of the towing vehicle compresses the hitch, subsequently activating the brake cable. Concerning caravans and camper trailers, the prevalent braking system employs drum brakes, controlled via an electromagnet receiving signals from the vehicle's brake controller. It is crucial to note that towing a trailer equipped with electric brakes mandates the presence of a compatible brake controller.

Leading the Way: Redarc Electric Brake Controllers

Among the prominent options, Redarc emerges as a front-runner and a recommended choice. Their Tow Pro Series is discretely installed behind the dashboard, featuring a user-friendly knob that provides real-time insights into the controller's operations. This knob also enables you to fine-tune the brake strength on a scale of 0 to 10. Operating on a GeForce meter principle, proper installation under the dashboard ensures optimal functionality. The intensity of the caravan's brake engagement is directly proportional to the force applied to the towing vehicle's brakes, with the controller settings influencing the outcome.

Electric Brake Modes: Precision in Braking

Brake controllers adopt diverse operational modes. Redarc's innovation incorporates an internal gyroscope that detects motion changes, functioning in auto mode to proportionally adjust braking power according to the intensity of the towing vehicle's braking action. Light brake taps lead to gentle deceleration, while firmer brake application results in more substantial caravan brake engagement. The option of manual mode allows controlled descent on steep gradients, utilizing the trailer's brakes instead of the towing vehicle's, preventing excessive heating. Essentially, Redarc's technology enables the trailer to mimic the towing vehicle's braking responses.

Prioritizing Safety with Quality Brake Controllers

For those embarking on the acquisition of a trailer, boat trailer, or caravan, a well-considered investment in a dependable brake controller is highly recommended. Ensuring proper functionality becomes paramount. The peace of mind derived from having the capacity to halt swiftly while towing is an unparalleled assurance.

Rely on Our Expertise

Towing accessories, including Brake Controllers, present multifaceted advantages to travelers, whether navigating urban streets or venturing off-road. At Autospark, we have consistently led in embracing the latest innovations in this realm.

We proudly offer an array of esteemed and top-tier options, such as the renowned Redarc, among others. Our expertise extends to seamless installation, ensuring your safety and control are optimized. Count on the seasoned professionals at Autospark for the utmost in Towing and Electric Brake Controller solutions. Your safety and towing experience remain our steadfast commitment.

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